Charity Knits

Since opening in November 2017, Yarn It! has been partnered with Knitting or crocheting for local people in need was a vital aspect of my business plan, so even before the store opened, I looked for a means to give back to this community I love. I was fortunate to learn about, which is run by two local public health nurses who put a lot of work into sorting donations and learning the needs of various organizations to ensure anything donated goes somewhere it is sure to get used.

The organizations that benefit from the hand-made donations you deliver to us include but are not limited to Cornerstone, Transition House, the Giving Tree, soup kitchens, Greenwood Coalition, and local schools.

Identified higher needs in past years have been toddler and children-sized mittens and hats.

To contribute, please bring your laundered items for donation in a bag that you can leave with us. We accept donations throughout the year but do a drive for donations every October (our Charity Knitting Month).