Advanced Knitting Fixes (In-Store) / TBD

Advanced Knitting Fixes (In-Store) / TBD

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Monday, November 6, 12:30 to 2 p.m.

This workshop is geared toward knitters with a fair amount of experience (including knitting cables) who want to learn ways to fix more complex booboos (or booboos in more complex knitting). We will cover the following:

  • changing a knit stitch into a purl stitch from rows above
  • laddering down several stitches to change the direction of a cable
  • inserting an "afterthought lifeline"
  • fixing laddering after casting off
  • and more!

Participants will need:

  • waste yarn in two colours 
  • needles an appropriate size for your yarn
  • cable needle
  • darning needle