Intermediate KnitCompanion (In-Store) / TBD

Intermediate KnitCompanion (In-Store) / TBD

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Sunday, Nov. 27, 10:30 a.m. to noon

If you’ve used KnitCompanion for a little while and gotten comfortable with some of its great features, you’re probably ready to dig deeper into more of its fascinating tools.  

In this 90-minute intermediate session, we’ll cover:

  • Using the digital “scissors” (cropping) and digital “tape” (joining) to create chart pieces and stitch keys
  • Adding notes and video links to your pattern to help you tackle new-to-you knitting techniques and help prevent mistakes
  • Customizing counters and setting up one-tap markers
  • Using voice control to turn complicated pattern instructions into “TV knitting”

This class will feature the Apple version of the software (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) and will require the paid version of the app.