TNNA Day 2

Whew! It was a whirlwind!

I started my day at 6:30 (which I virtually never do!). My first workshop was at 8, and I was plagued by a not-enough-sleep headache. I really enjoyed the class nevertheless. It was an intro to tapestry weaving, and three hours wasn't nearly long enough. I think weaving is something I could enjoy with nice yarn! This is what I made with some not-so-nice acrylic from my pre-store stash:

A retailers' luncheon followed, but I snuck away for a much-needed nap. Fortunately, I awoke headache-free and refreshed for my afternoon class, which was all about making appropriate yarn substitutions. It reinforced several things I already was doing right (phew!) but also gave me some new tools to work with when you present me with special challenges. It was both mathy and incredibly informative, and I think you'll appreciate the new knowledge coming into the store! 

The evening events kicked off with a fashion show. So fun! Several yarn manufacturers had garments in the show, and the emcees talked about the pattern and construction of each. I loved it! Here are a few of the pieces that called out to me:

Then the true temptation began! Sample It! is an event where attendees can buy a small amount of a product (often kitted) to try it out before putting in an order. As you may know, retailers usually have to buy ten skeins/balls of each colour, so even an order for "one yarn" tends to be huge (and pricey!). A try-before-you-buy is a unique opportunity! I got a decent haul, but I was a lightweight by comparison to others leaving with a couple bags' worth.

After Sample It!, I went to the bar for dinner and met more great people, including Cynthia and Barb from River City Yarns (LYS to the Grocery Girls and hosts of their own podcast!). They were so friendly! I had a great chat with them and hope to run into them again. 

Knitters truly are the best. It's been a unique and wonderful experience seeing people knitting in public everywhere I turn. And the garments they are wearing—wow! My knitting to-do list is growing!

And the trade show hadn't yet started....


  • Measuring tapes!

  • This looks amazing! I am a bit jealous. But I do have to ask, what are the owl things that look crocheted?


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