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Gauge Swatching

gauge gauge swatch getting gauge knitting sweater knitting

Who wants to do a gauge swatch when there's all that fun knitting to do? However, for certain projects, a gauge swatch really needs to be the first thing you cast on. If you're knitting a scarf or a shawl, the gauge doesn't matter a lot. But if you're knitting a garment intended to fit the person you're knitting it for, gauge matters.

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Our First Knit-Along

Janina Kallio KAL Knit-along knitting lace shawl

Our first knit-along was in January 2018, and we had about 20 active participants, either online or in-store or both. The knitted results are just beautiful, as are the friendships blossoming among many of the knitters. We have KALs planned throughout the year, and they're always free to join!

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So Many Projects, So Little Time...

Do you knit one thing at a time or juggle several projects at once?

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